What are the various coupon types?

Coupons are divided into 4 types, based on the various ways in which they can be redeemed:

  1. QR code
  2. Click to redeem
  3. Auto-activate
  4. Time-based (self-destruct)

Description of each type

QR code

QR codes are unique, and they appear on your screen when you click ‘Show Code’. When you arrive at the point of sale with your phone and present the code visually (store, service centre, restaurant, etc) it can be scanned and thus redeemed. A confirmation message will be sent to you when the code is activated, but you may not receive this immediately if there is no active connection to the internet. Channel owners are also free to display codes physically at points of sale. In this event, you can scan these on site to achieve the same result. To accomplish this, open the scanner via the code icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then choose either the camera icon or the button to scan the code. A message will appear in your feed to let you know that you’ve activated the code and received the benefit involved.

Click to redeem

For this type of coupon, there’s no need to visit a partner at their point of sale. These coupons are redeemed online at the press of a button, and so an active internet connection is required. Once you’ve activated a coupon in this way, a message will appear in your feed to confirm that you’ve received the benefit involved.


Some coupons are activated automatically once certain criteria have been met. Activation might occur when a certain number of points has been reached, when you visit a particular location, at a certain time, or when other requirements have been met. These coupons have no activation button. Check the coupon description to learn about the requirements for activation, or ask the channel owner.


For this type of coupon, you should visit the point of sale and show your screen to an employee. When you’re in the company of a sales representative,  tap the Show Now button and a three-minute window will commence in which the coupon can be redeemed. An internet connection is required, and you should not click Show Now until you’re ready.