Learn about loyalties, how to earn points, and more.

What is loyalty?

Loyalty programs allow you to collect points or stamps in order to progress to a higher level and thus receive a greater reward. By following particular channels you become eligible for their loyalty programs. To view a list of all available to you, tap the ‘Rewards’ button on the main screen. For a more detailed description, tap on the loyalty programs that interest you.

How do I earn loyalty points or stamps?

For some loyalty programs, points or stamps are earned automatically when you follow the instructions in the description (for example, buy four coffees and receive the next one free of charge). For others, there are instructions on how to earn points, and you can find these by tapping the ‘How to Earn’ button on the description page

I’ve used points to redeem the wrong coupon

How can I get my points back?

Unfortunately, once you’ve used points to redeem a coupon, the action cannot be undone. Contact the coupon issuer (channel owner) to find a solution.