All you need to know about conversing through the LMC app.

Channel chat

Should you wish, you can access these through the Chats Button, which is next to the ‘Rewards’ and ‘News’ buttons on the home page, or from a particular channel page. Channel chat allows you to receive promos, coupons, attachments, messages from other channels, etc.

This is only available for channels that you follow, and which have enabled two-way chat.

Where can I find a Bot to chat with?

A channel can have one or more Bots for you to interact with. When you enter a desired channel and go to messages,  icons will appear in the top right-hand corner for any active bots. To start a conversation, just tap the desired icon.

Why am I unable to chat with a channel/brand?

If no text field is visible when you enter the messages part of a channel, that usually means the owner has not elected to support chat, or that the facility is temporarily unavailable. More information can be found in the channel description, which will include working hours where chat is available.